Friday, February 6, 2015

Cookbook Review: The Pizza Bible

The Pizza Bible 
Tony Gemignani
with Susie Heller and Steve Siegelman
Ten Speed Press, 2014

I'm no stranger to homemade pizza. We've been making it off and on for years, and I've been known to put such things as greens, squash, and all manner of ingredients on top. The Pizza Bible intrigued me; what is the secret to awesome crust? What's the perfect balance of crust to topping?

I confess: for the first time ever, I'm reviewing a cookbook without trying a single recipe. Nary a one. Why, you ask? If I'm such a pizza fan?

Simple: we're trying to simplify, and this cookbook--while it looks like an awesome tome on the subject of making pizza--requires too many special ingredients/steps for our stage of life right now.

That being said, let me tell you about this lovely looking book. It's very well organized, contains great photography, and really does look like a good resource for those wanting to perfect their at-home pizzas. The chapters are broken down by regional styles and types of pizza (Chicago, Sicilian, California Style, Grilled, Focaccia, and more). There is also an opening chapter titled "The Master Class" in which Gemignani goes into great detail about methods and ingredients for making good pizza crust. One of his secrets? A slow rise for the dough (and by slow, I mean a good 24 hours).

The recipes don't look unnecessarily complicated, but for a family who somewhat abruptly moved across country into a house half the size of their previous one, homemade pizza by the rules in this bible are not going to happen anytime soon. Still, if you're a homemade pizza fan, I encourage you to check this book out sometime. And we might try a few soon, too--just without the pizza peels and specialty flours.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

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