Thursday, October 18, 2012

CSA Week 21 (10/18/12)

We're in the final stretches of our 2012 CSA Experience--only 3 more weeks after today. My picture today is lackluster at best; my camera batteries were dying and I used only the old-fashioned viewfinder instead of the digital screen. Hence the fuzziness and such. It's also raining, so the outside light is not very strong either. Oh well.

The Haul
  • 2 huge sweet potatoes!!
  • 1 bunch of turnips with greens (so, two veggies in one here)
  • 1 small box greenish/red Romas--we'll let them sit out for a few days
  • 3 bell peppers
  • 1 bag hot peppers
  • 1 nice-sized head lettuce
  • 1 bunch dill
Due to some unexpected purchases (ahem, [coughs] new bathroom sink/pedestal/pipes...) and a few planned-for-but-still-more-than-the-usual budgeted expenditures (ahem, big 7-year-old birthday this weekend), we're renewing our commitment to eating up what's on hand. There's a lot of pasta, some various meat types in the freezer (two nice-sized pork roasts that I know of off hand), the above pictured veggies plus some summer squash and peppers from the previous weeks, and assorted seasonings and embellishments (like coconut milk). Oh yeah--and a LOT of rice and a couple bags of lentils/dried beans. Looks like we'll be feasting out of the freezer and pantry! 

We've been enjoying our emeals dinner subscriptions, but we're going to take a couple of weeks off (unless I already have the ingredients on hand). I'll just print like usual and use them in a couple of weeks.

So, what types of food will we be eating? Probably some of the following. Looks like we'll be in good shape even if we'll have a bare freezer/pantry in a few weeks ☺.

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