Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Baking

Despite the fact that we're "watching our weight" and trying to stay on a budget, we've managed to crank out some serious holiday gluttony in the full tummies households. Carrie's been baking up a storm (including some for a birthday party for her youngest son), and today was my big baking day--some bread that can go in the freezer for upcoming events as well as the final batch of rolled cookies (I hope!). Much of the sweet stuff has been baked for parties and to give away. Here's what's been happenin':

Here's what's still to come (I know there's more on Carrie's end--just don't know the details):

If I was being true to my roots and my husband's roots, I'd also whip up batches of these! I'm betting big money that Pine Bark Candy will end up in Carrie's and/or my household before Christmas for sure....And my hubby is the Chex Mix maker around here, so there are good odds it will get made as well. And he always has Haystacks, so those are a good possibility, too.....

I'd like to say there's a limit, but we'll see....

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